August 23rd, 2005

APAN Day Zero

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Someone left a comment asking me what’s APAN or Asia Pacific Advance Network. It is a meeting where AP network researchers get together to discussing advance networking issues and also a place where Advance Research and Education Network (AREN) (and also the GRID lately) people gather to discuss network collobration. SingAREN is the representative for Singapore in this area which is one of the reasons I am here. In fact, SingAREN is going to host APAN next year in Singapore so we have quite a big team here this time.

But like APRICOT, a lot of side meetings are also held concurrently. Just yesterday alone, I have to switch between APSTAR, IPv6 Summit and also chairing APEET and JET-Internationalized Email Address.

Incidently, for those who is interested in Internet statistics in Taiwan, you should look at the presentation Ching Chiao did at APSTAR. 14.6M Internet users, E-Commerce NTD 35b (~1b USD), 2.2M Skype, 400k blogs and 108% Mobile penetration. The last one 108% is interesting because it means many people are holding two mobile plans or more.

(Speaking of werid statistics, do you know that Japan actually has a higher broadband penetration then PC ownership? That’s a story for another day)
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February 24th, 2005

News report on APEET

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apricot-enum-tag.jpgReported on Nikkeibp (Sorry, Japanese only):

アジア太平洋地区におけるENUMの普及団体APEET(Asia Pacific ENUM Engineering Team)が,国内初となる公開通話デモンストレーションを実施している。2月21日から25日にかけて京都で開催中のインターネット基盤技術のアジア太平洋国際会議「APRICOT2005」の会場内で,参加者同士が自由に体験できる。実験の責任者である日本レジストリサービス(JPRS) 技術研究部の米谷嘉朗部長代理によると,「ENUMの実験を国内で一般公開するのは初めて」だという。

(my bad translation: APEET conducted the first telephony trial in Japan. Participants at APRICOT 2005 can experience the new technology and make calls freely among themselves from 21st to 25th. Yoneya-san @ JPRS “This is the first public ENUM trial in Japan.”)

The surprisingly part is how fast this made onto the news. Hotta-san and Yoneya-san sat down with the reporters at 5:30pm after the Internet Telephony track and we saw the report at 9:00pm.

February 24th, 2005

Kyoto Day 3

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apeet-dinner-kyoto.jpgCouldn’t sleep and woke up at 6am. Went downstair to do my emails, met Toru Takahashi and went breakfast with him. Found out from him that one of his company is going IPO…again. To be exact, third time now. Remember, the last time I met him in Korea a year ago, same thing happened. Dunno it is me or what but congz to him :-)

Then spend the whole day chairing the Internet Telephony track at APRICOT. Richard already blogged about it so I won’t repeat here.

Went to lunch with Dave Crocker who is trying to explain CSV (smtp authentication and accreditation) idea to me on antispam. Neat idea.

The highlight of the day must be APEET dinner. JPRS managed to find a very nice Japanese restaurant – a bit out of the way but great ambience, excellent Japanese food. Most of all, all of us enjoyed ourselves; I lost track how much I drank but I think I managed to make it back to the hotel on foot…

February 23rd, 2005


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February 22nd, 2005

Kyoto Day 2

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[In case it is still not obvious, all my travel entries are really for my wife (and my boss) who wants to know what I have been up to.]

Started early and have breakfast with Marc Blanchet, the former co-chair of IDN WG with me. Anyway, Marc is back doing IPv6 and his small startup in Canada is doing great – expanding their business in Asia.

The spend most of the day at the APRICOT AC meeting, listening to the various presentation from the bidders of APRICOT 2007. All of them are interesting and it is a difficult decision (no leak here, of cos).

Then I went over to the APDIP Internet Governance; I hope I didn’t say anything stupid or gets into trouble for what I said. I suppose it is always a possibility and someone somewhere isn’t happy with what I say.

Immediately, after the APDIP panel, I have to rush to the APEET BoF. The trial we were doing got so much interests that many people have been asking us to do a BoF to talk about how we did it, how it works, what else can they do with the phones and the ENUM service we provide.

Following the APEET BoF is the Internationalized Email BoF – The meeting run all the way into the night and we finally end at 9pm…

February 21st, 2005

Kyoto Day 1

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Have breakfast at Suguru Yamaguchi. I know him when he is still a “young” professor many years ago but now, he is the IT Security Advisor to the Japan Cabinet and Prime Minister. Wow very important person now! Anyway, have a little discussion with him on privacy and asked him to hook up with Joi.

Gave out SIP phones in the morning and wandering excitably around the hall talking to people about their phones. In fact, we run out of phones by noon time, and APRICOT haven’t even started. Another great news is we got US (thanks Jeff and Libretel) and SE (thanks to Jakob) gateway up in addition to CN, TW and SG. We got so much interest that we going to do an impromptu BoF tomorrow.

Got Joi to speak about blogging at APNG (phew, wiggled out of that :-) and really enjoy his talk!

Banged into Steve Crocker and have lunch with him. Then Toru Takahashi, Randy Bush and Geoff Hutson joined us. While Steve is showing me his file collobration tool, Randy is knocking me to get the SIP phone working with his Asterisk.

Just finish listening to Jun Murai keynote and sitting at APNG to get a bit of peace and quiet…Need to spend the next few hours doing my keynote on Thrusday on VoIP.

Oh yea, the famous Bert was spotted in APRICOT. But I think he spent too much time in the toilet. ha ha!

February 21st, 2005

Giving out WiFi SIP Phones

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sipphone-rental-small.jpgThis is an exciting day for me. We are giving out Hitachi WiFi SIP Phones at APRICOT 2005. This is part of the APEET ENUM/SIP Live Trial we have been putting together for the last few months. Every wifi phones are assigned with a SIP address which also comes with an ENUM1 number and this allows APRICOT delegates to call each another. Additionally, we also put up PSTN gateways in China, Taiwan and Singapore (US pending) so these phones can also be used to call back to PSTN phones in these countries (free of cos).

We also pre-registered every APRICOT delegates with a SIP account and ENUM numbers which they can used with their softphones with instructions on how to set it up. There is also an ENUM registration system where they could use it to configure the ENUM to associate it with their webpage, emails etc etc. ENUM client is also provided, of cos.

This is so cool to see people queuing up and asking questions about their new phones. It is also fun to see people excitingly calling each another as if they never made a phone call in their life. Most are just impressed that it just works! (out of the box, battery included ;-)


There is also a booth setup where we explained to people how we setup the system and we have some SIP phones on display. Particularly of interest is this phone from Panasonic which comes with ENUM resolution built-in!

Thanks to APEET members who are still hard at work yesterday trying to get things setup. Keep your fingers cross and I hope we survive this week :-)

1 Technically, it isn’t ENUM because we are not using e164.arpa. The numbers we gave out is assigned from apenum.org, ie. 8.8.8.apenum.org.

2 Disclosal: I am the chair for APEET. But we are not-for-profit and doing this really to promote awareness of the technology (beside the learning experience). In fact, we did the whole thing with zero budget, thanks to all the sponsors :-)

September 2nd, 2004

Open Source ENUM SDK and Client

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Got this in my inbox from APEET mailing list :-)

JPRS released ENUM SDK and ENUM Client as Free Software. Please visit our Web site:

ENUM Info from JPRS
Software Libraries

ENUM SDK includes DLL for Windows and VB/VC++ sample code. ENUM Client is a reference application of ENUM using ENUM SDK.

Based on this development experience, Fujiwara who is my colleague, pointed out ambiguousness of rfc2916bis at Seoul IETF and now he is working on draft-ietf-enum-experiences-00.txt.


— Yoshiro YONEYA

July 19th, 2004

Asia Pacific ENUM Engineering Team


Press Release about Formation of APEET

Singapore, July 19, 2004[CNNIC] (China Network Information Center), [JPRS] (Japan Registry Service), [KRNIC] (Korea Network Information Center), [SGNIC] (Singapore Network Information Center) and [TWNIC] (Taiwan Network Information Center) today announced the formation of Asia Pacific ENUM Engineering Team (APEET), an informal technical project team formed to coordinate and synergize ENUM activities in the Asia Pacific region.

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July 16th, 2004

Going up to ICANN…

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Just concluded a successful APEET meeting in Singapore (thanks you!) and I am getting to leave for Kuala Lumpur in 10mins time. But before I leave, I thought of leaving two interesting news I saw today.

First, is a report of Verisign SiteFinder by Steve Crocker (a representive of Security and Stability Advisory Committee of ICANN) titled Redirection in the COM and NET Domains, A Report from the ICANN Security and Stability Advisory Committee (SSAC). An executive summary of the report can be found at CircleID. Bravo! Bravo! I taken the same position which you can read here, here and here.

The second is this excellent contribution from SaudiNIC on their experiences in deploying Arabic Domain Names (via ITU-SPU). It is the best written report I seen from Arabic world..well-written, well-thought and technically strong. I actually learn a lot reading from the report. I am really encouraged at this work…and there might be hope for Arabic Domain Names after all. (Is it the same guy that show me the Etisalat Arabic Domain Name … I will know soon :-)