APEET Travel

Kyoto Day 2

[In case it is still not obvious, all my travel entries are really for my wife (and my boss) who wants to know what I have been up to.]

Started early and have breakfast with Marc Blanchet, the former co-chair of IDN WG with me. Anyway, Marc is back doing IPv6 and his small startup in Canada is doing great – expanding their business in Asia.

The spend most of the day at the APRICOT AC meeting, listening to the various presentation from the bidders of APRICOT 2007. All of them are interesting and it is a difficult decision (no leak here, of cos).

Then I went over to the APDIP Internet Governance; I hope I didn’t say anything stupid or gets into trouble for what I said. I suppose it is always a possibility and someone somewhere isn’t happy with what I say.

Immediately, after the APDIP panel, I have to rush to the APEET BoF. The trial we were doing got so much interests that many people have been asking us to do a BoF to talk about how we did it, how it works, what else can they do with the phones and the ENUM service we provide.

Following the APEET BoF is the Internationalized Email BoF – The meeting run all the way into the night and we finally end at 9pm…

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