August 23rd, 2005

APAN Day Zero

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Someone left a comment asking me what’s APAN or Asia Pacific Advance Network. It is a meeting where AP network researchers get together to discussing advance networking issues and also a place where Advance Research and Education Network (AREN) (and also the GRID lately) people gather to discuss network collobration. SingAREN is the representative for Singapore in this area which is one of the reasons I am here. In fact, SingAREN is going to host APAN next year in Singapore so we have quite a big team here this time.

But like APRICOT, a lot of side meetings are also held concurrently. Just yesterday alone, I have to switch between APSTAR, IPv6 Summit and also chairing APEET and JET-Internationalized Email Address.

Incidently, for those who is interested in Internet statistics in Taiwan, you should look at the presentation Ching Chiao did at APSTAR. 14.6M Internet users, E-Commerce NTD 35b (~1b USD), 2.2M Skype, 400k blogs and 108% Mobile penetration. The last one 108% is interesting because it means many people are holding two mobile plans or more.

(Speaking of werid statistics, do you know that Japan actually has a higher broadband penetration then PC ownership? That’s a story for another day)
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March 4th, 2005

Successful trial at APRICOT2005


APEET Press Release:

Singapore, Mar 4, 2005 – Asia Pacific ENUM Engineering Team (APEET) announced the successful conclusion of the APEET ENUM/SIP Live Trial at APRICOT 2005.

The Live Trial conducted by APEET involves loaning Wifi SIP phones, sponsored by Hitachi-cable, preconfigured with an ENUM number and SIP account. Participants in the Live Trial was able to use the Wifi SIP phones to make free unlimited calls to each other and also PSTN calls to the Beijing, Singapore, Sweden, Taiwan and United States supported by Jeff Pulver/LibreTel (US), Jakob Schlyter (SE), APRICOT 2005 NOC team and members of APEET.

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January 14th, 2005

Off to Bali

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apricot2005.gifI am off to Bali for a quick trip. The purpose of the trip is to look at the proposed venue for APRICOT 2007 (yes, 2007 ;-).

Speaking of APRICOT, 2005 will be held in Kyoto late next month. I haven’t been back to Kyoto since my honeymoon two years ago and I been looking forward to it, altho looking at my schedule, it is unlikely I have any chances to do sightseeing. Anyway, come join us at APRICOT 2005 if you can. The early bird discount has been extended until end of Jan so do so quickly!

ps: Oh yea, Michael Everson also happened to be in Bali right now. Original plan is to meet up with him in Singapore before he flies China for SC2 meeting but I think we can catch up in Bali instead. :-)