February 21st, 2005

Kyoto Day 1

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Have breakfast at Suguru Yamaguchi. I know him when he is still a “young” professor many years ago but now, he is the IT Security Advisor to the Japan Cabinet and Prime Minister. Wow very important person now! Anyway, have a little discussion with him on privacy and asked him to hook up with Joi.

Gave out SIP phones in the morning and wandering excitably around the hall talking to people about their phones. In fact, we run out of phones by noon time, and APRICOT haven’t even started. Another great news is we got US (thanks Jeff and Libretel) and SE (thanks to Jakob) gateway up in addition to CN, TW and SG. We got so much interest that we going to do an impromptu BoF tomorrow.

Got Joi to speak about blogging at APNG (phew, wiggled out of that :-) and really enjoy his talk!

Banged into Steve Crocker and have lunch with him. Then Toru Takahashi, Randy Bush and Geoff Hutson joined us. While Steve is showing me his file collobration tool, Randy is knocking me to get the SIP phone working with his Asterisk.

Just finish listening to Jun Murai keynote and sitting at APNG to get a bit of peace and quiet…Need to spend the next few hours doing my keynote on Thrusday on VoIP.

Oh yea, the famous Bert was spotted in APRICOT. But I think he spent too much time in the toilet. ha ha!

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