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Notmad Explorer

Sick of the crappy music organizers that comes with Creative MP3 players? Well, check out NotMad Explorer, a software companion for Creative Nomad, MuVo, Zen etc. It is not iTunes but it probably make it easier to live with a Creative MP3 players. By posting this, I dunno if I am helping Creative or slaming […]

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Telephony Toys and Gadgets

3G/Wifi Phone

Okay, after the Skype DualPhone, we have 3G/WiFi phone (via Richard Stansty): NTT DoCoMo and its regional subsidiaries are now offering business subscribers a dual-network 3G/VoIP handset that works as a 3G mobile phone, VoIP (voice-over-IP) terminal, or both simultaneously. The N900iL is based on a Linux-based 3G mobile phone software platform developed jointly by […]

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