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Feedback on Virtual Keyboard

vkb-mac.jpgFinally got my hand on the Virtual Keyboard I mention two months back.

The manual said it does not work with Mac/OS but I managed to get it to pair with my Mac anyway. Just go to the Bluetooth setup Assistant and instead of selecting “keyboard”, choose Other Device, and the proceed to pair them up. Just note that when you are asked to enter a key to pair up, don’t use something long like ‘92749273921’ and instead choose something strategic like ‘1’ because you have to retype the number on the infra-red keyboard without knowing what you type.

Of course, ‘1’ is insecure but it does not matter because you probably wont want to use it for long. Nope, I have no problem typing on the table, even though it sound kind of werid, I feel quite natural with it. The problem is the finger sensor (see the black patch below?) is overly sensitive – if you bring your finger low enough, it triggers. Of course, this means with some training, you could literally type without touching the table!

But for now, it is too sensitive and it detects key stroke which I didn’t meant to hit or the keys i hit multiple times. Heck, I couldn’t even use it to finish typing this entry.

Nevertheless, It’s still pretty cool. But it is not good enough for daily use yet.

Note: The infrared keyboard is big and clear even though it does not seem so from the picture.

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