December 14th, 2004

Mobile Phones


moto-razr.jpg SonyS700.jpg treo600.jpg blackberry.jpg
Moto Razr

SonyEricson S700 Treo 600 Blackberry

After tolerating nearly 12 months of werid stares from bystanders with my Nokia N-Gage, enough is enough. So shopping around in the last two days, I shortlisted my selection to the above four.

Surprisingly, Nokia wasn’t even considered – This is from a loyal Nokia user of at least three 3650, five 8850, two 8890, two 7650 and one N-Gage over the last five years. I actually waited 12 months for Nokia to come out with a decent phone that will save me but no, the latest 7260, 7270 and 7280 are disappointing :-( The glory days of Noka is 8850 but it has been downhill thereafter *sigh*

So anyway, I am still debating which one to go for.

In terms of design, Moto Razr win hands down! The coolest phone I have seen in the market since Nokia 8850 (see how many 8850/90 i got?). But the lack of memory expansion turns me off – 5mb isn’t going to be sufficient for me :PFeature-wise, I like to have a build-in camera. After switch from 7650 to N-Gage, I missed the camera the most. In this respect, S700 stands out but having to buy the special Sony Memory Card is painful1.

I also like to start doing more mobile email so Treo 600 & Blackberry are both solid for this purpose. However, I wasn’t a great fan of Palm and still don’t. Always wanted to own a Blackberry tho but it is proprietary and requires me to sign up an additional service plan.

Speaking of service plan, I just realized Singtel data plan would set me back S$5 (~US$3) for every mb and the unlimited plan is a cool S$115/mo (~US$70). Ha, and they wonder why GPRS never took off. Hello, not every data service is going to have a margin like SMS okay?

Choices choices…

1 Note to Sony: Get over it! The format war is over – SD/MMC has won!

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