February 18th, 2005

Notmad Explorer


Sick of the crappy music organizers that comes with Creative MP3 players? Well, check out NotMad Explorer, a software companion for Creative Nomad, MuVo, Zen etc.

It is not iTunes but it probably make it easier to live with a Creative MP3 players.

By posting this, I dunno if I am helping Creative or slaming their bad software. But Sim, your hardware are great (I love ripped out your 4Gb CF) but maybe invest a bit more usability if you are serious into consumer products?

I mean, just look at some of your customer feedback: “I will never, ever use PlayCenter again” “this app is what Creative’s PlayCenter should be” “PlayCenter … is all rather tiresome”.

I am surprise they haven’t figure out that you don’t win the MP3 market by features but by making it fun, cool and easier to use,. Make your customer love you :- it is not about brand – it is about lovemarks.

So please, go buyout the company and start shipping with your MP3 players. Maybe, just maybe you stand a chance against iPod.

ps: I am not affliated with Notmad in anyway.

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