October 25th, 2004

Sharp Zaurus C3000



I want this!!! (via Slashdot)

This is so much better then the Zaurus C760 I have now! It has the best resolution for a PDA (try beating 640×480) and now with build-in Wifi and 4Gb diskspace is everything I wish there is on my C760. Okay not everything but almost … (I also hope to have build-in Bluetooth & GSM/3G :-)

My Zaurus is the best little gadget I have and I bring it with me almost everywhere, especially when I have to travel a long distance. With a 512Mb SD card, I can watch nearly 5 hours of Xvid movie (and with enough battery to do some perl hacking).

Why am I so excited? It is almost functional computer at handheld size, running Linux and hackable to boot, and probably the first of its kind. Sure it is not as powerful as a full-fledge notebook, but if you study enough disruptive technology history (I did), then the same could be said of first generation portable-computer. Wanna bet where this will be in 5 years time?

ps: I always wonder what the hype is about Creative Zen. What’s so cool about a crippled device compared to a hackable Zaurus?

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