September 24th, 2004

Busy week

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It has been a busy with with APEC TEL 30 hosted by IDA/Singapore. For those who don’t know about APEC TEL, it is a group that meets once every quarter and reports to the TELMIN, a gathering of APEC IT Ministers. It has 4 steering committees looking at technology, business, liberalization and human resource development. But most important of all, APEC TEL is an incredible networking week, esp. for Government-to-Governmnt (G2G) collobrations. Dinners hosted by telcos, Lunches hosted by operators, receiptions in the evening just went on and on. (I have dinner at Lei Garden twice this week. my god!).

Surprisingly, I met some pretty cool people! The Head of Delegation from US, Elizabeth W. Shelton from Department of State was an incredible smart lady. Then, Al Vincent who runs the Institute of Telecommunication Sciences under NTIA/Department of Commerce is a fellow Doom’er (Yes, he loves Doom3). He just went over to Singapore Poly and turned their VR room for molecule-simulations into this super-immerse-reality-Quake-game. :P And Simon Lin who runs Academic Sinica spend a large amount of time educating me about their work on LCG (Large-Hadron-Collider Computing Grid Project (LCG) for the CERN’s particle accelerator) and have been extremely kind and helpful in introducing many other interesting people to me.

In addition to this, Brian McBride and Paul Shabajee also choose to come to Singapore this week to work on the Digital Content Exchange project. And David West who is trying to put together the TIEN2 project is also in town!

Now this is over, let me see what do I have in my email…OMG!

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