September 24th, 2004

MARID shutdown


IETF shutdown MARID working group. (See Ted Hardie’s email to the MARID mailing list). No more SPF, CallerID, PRA/SenderID or MAILFROM/SenderID…

I don’t know what I feeling now. On one hand, I have been a strong supportor of SPF/SenderID and it is sad we lost one tool to fight spam1. On the other hand, I have a discussion with Microsoft folks just two weeks ago in Busan wrt to SenderID, IETF, IPR. They were quite certain their IPR wouldnt pose a problem so in a way, I am feeling ‘I told you so…’. But alas..*sigh*

1 Yes, I am aware SPF/SenderID doesn’t stop spam. But in order to enforce any antispam law, you must first be able to identify the spammer and that’s what MARID can help (to certain extend).

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