March 4th, 2005

Successful trial at APRICOT2005


APEET Press Release:

Singapore, Mar 4, 2005 – Asia Pacific ENUM Engineering Team (APEET) announced the successful conclusion of the APEET ENUM/SIP Live Trial at APRICOT 2005.

The Live Trial conducted by APEET involves loaning Wifi SIP phones, sponsored by Hitachi-cable, preconfigured with an ENUM number and SIP account. Participants in the Live Trial was able to use the Wifi SIP phones to make free unlimited calls to each other and also PSTN calls to the Beijing, Singapore, Sweden, Taiwan and United States supported by Jeff Pulver/LibreTel (US), Jakob Schlyter (SE), APRICOT 2005 NOC team and members of APEET.

“It is stunning to see so many people excitingly calling each another as if they never made a phone call in their life.”, said James Seng, Chairman of APEET, “Very few technology can create such enthusiasm among the engineers.”

The purpose of the Live Trial is to demonstrate the readiness of ENUM and SIP technology and to get engineers familiar with it. Much of effort of the trial involves ensuring the wireless network infrastructure is capable of handling VoIP over WiFi and making the phones “just work out of the box”.

“This Live Trial has achieved more than what a hundred presentations can do in evangelizing the technology”, said Richard Shockey, IETF ENUM Working Group co-chair and Senior Manager, Strategic Technology Initiatives, NeuStar Inc.

The Live Trial was so well received by APRICOT delegate that the Wifi SIP phones were out-of-stock in 5 hours.

“Seeing conference participants fight to get a phone so they can participate is the best score a live trial can get”, said Patrik Fältström, Cisco Systems, co-author of ENUM specification.

Participants were impressed with the neat system provided by APEET, ease of use of the Hitachi-cable phones and the voice quality of the calls.

“I used the phone to call home and the performance was better then US cell phone!”, said Bill Norton, co-founder of Equinix.

“Users were so pleased with the success of the trial, that there was a great demand for continuation of this project at the next IETF meeting.”, said Bill Woodcock, Research Director of Packet Clearing House and Operator of INOC-DBA global VoIP hotline phone system.

APEET received many favorable feedbacks and will conduct a larger trial at some other event within the next 12 months.

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About Asia Pacific ENUM Engineering Team (APEET)

Started in 2004, APEET is an informal project team comprises of engineers from CNNIC, JPRS, KRNIC, SGNIC and TWNIC and invited experts. The goal of APEET is to conduct joint trials and to promote the development of ENUM and its related technology such as SIP. We welcome other engineers from ccTLD communities to join APEET.

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