Random Musing

Finding a new comfort zone

Lately, I find I have less and less opportunity to write about what I am doing or my interest.

Having to blog while under Official Secrets Act may seem like a challenge but surprisingly I find it harder to do so now than ever. Perhaps I was more familiar with my work back then before I started blogging. I did take a few knock before I know the limits but luckily my work back then wasnt classified as “official secrets”.

Right now, I was free lancing providing strategic business consulting with some parties and acting as technology advisor for others, mostly for investment purposes. The strategic business consulting part of the work, well, is strategic. So blogging about it would reveal the company strategy and it is a no-go-zone. For the investment work, VCs like Tim and David may be blogging freely about their deals they doing, investors in this part of the world are more conservative. Although they cant put me in jail (like OSA can), they could sue the pants out of me if I say anything that jeopodized their deals.

There are some other work where I cant even talk about what I do. Those who knows, knows.

I am not saying something bad will happen to me if I leak out anything or they would really sue me since I have pretty good relationship with the parties I work with. But my reputation would take a hit but thats enough for me to think twice.

I guess it is finding a comfort zone of what I can blog under the new arrangement.

One thing I can talk about is that I am involved in many broadband wireless projects in Asia for the last couple of months. Shouldnt be a surprised based on the meetings I attended from the last couple of months. In fact, I am invited to iWeek in Johannesburg next month to give a talk relating wireless. Preparing that presentation is a challenge…

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