August 2nd, 2005

IETF Day Two

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Spend the morning in Emergency Context Resolution with Internet Technologies (ecrit) WG meeting. Basically, the working group is looking to handle emergency services (police, fire, ambulance etc) over the Internet. Very appropriate too considering US has now mandated emergency service and in the long term, we do need an pure IP-based emergency services when we phase-out POTS (our evil long term plan! :-).

There are only two problem I can see:

1. lots of talks about how caller can authenticate the emergency response centers but not much talks about how emergency response center going to authenticate the callers. Considering how many prank calls typical emergency response center gets, I wont be surprised if their priority is to identify the caller first and less about your house on fire.

2. the group assumed that the emergency response centers will receive the emergency “call” over the Internet. Any bet how long it will take response centers to install a SIP server into their system? Especially a system which will allow anyone from anywhere in the world to call them anonymously?

Regardless, its an important piece of work to watch out for.

After lunch, spend an hour with some people to discuss how we should proceed with Internationalized eMail Address. Good meeting and now it’s time to get to work.

Now sitting at the Remote UI BoF. Yea, sound like glorified VNC or RDP but (1) they are doing this on widgets level not framebuffer and (2) the people behind this works for Nokia. In fact, the slides they are showing have Nokia phone as a remote terminal. Hmm…

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