August 4th, 2005

IETF Day Three

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Woke up very early this morning to do a presentation for an internal event in Singapore. Yep, I am still in Paris so the presentation was conducted using Skype with video4im. Both sound and video is amazingly good although I look like a dork in the terminal room talking into the computer as if I am giving a speech (I am!).

The highlight of the day must be the VoIP Peering and Interconnection BoF. The room for the BoF is filled (one of the largest BoF i’ve seen) and 2 hours was dedicated to the discussion (wow). Presenters includes people from AT&T, Comcast, Telio and most of them talks about (a) the need to have a standard mechanism for seamless (and cheaper) VoIP peering (b) the use of (carrier) ENUM in faciliating (a).

The discussion thereafter was even livelier. Layer 3 or 5 peering joke aside, VoIP peering is serious especially as cable & dsl ISP starts offering IP Telephony. Rough consensus seem to be that we don’t really want to create yet another protocol (yep yep) but to use existing protocols to do a BCP (Best Current Practice) document – the only problem none of the solution we have is considered best practice yet :)

Ah, Friday Carrier ENUM discussion will be exciting….

btw, APEET did our VoIP interconnection using private ENUM with wildcard for our trial in Kyoto. Yep it works but I am not too sure it will scale.

Update: Slides from the VOIPEER BoF

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