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IETF Day One

I missed a couple of IETF and oh man, so many things to catch up! Anyway, here are some interesting happenings, in no particular order, in the last 24 hours:

– Did a presentation on Internationalized eMail Address earlier at the AppArea meeting and got my 5min of fame (literally haha). Then spend the next 30mins along the corridor debating with John Klensin whether we should modify the SMTP or not.

Dave Crocker couldn’t stop talking about dkim. Basically, it is the DomainKey proposal by Yahoo! and it will be discussed at the Mail Authentication Signature Service BoF on Thrusday.

Richard Stastny was grinding me on merits of combing user & carrier enum in at the opening reception last night. Ok, Ok, I agree why we absolutely need it but I still think it is extremely ugly. We probably going to continue the debate at the ENUM meeting on Friday.

Christian Huitema gave an interesting presentation at the Application Area meeting basically along the line Password (and even Challenge-Response) is dead. Yes, read that again : Password is dead.

Very controversial obviously but he raised some very good points. Based on a 0.10cent for a zombie PC per week, a 30bit strong password can be broken for less then 1cent, a 40bit passphrase for less then 20cent, 7 random char password for $50 and 8 random char for $5000. Fundamentally, “any password generated by the user or can be memorized by the user can be cracked”.

– Had lunch with Michael Suignard who is here to give a talk on UTR 36 (Security Considerations of Unicode). He is also here for an IAB discussion on Internationalization of Hostname, or something along that line.

Geoff Hutson gave the presentation on “IPv6 Multi-Addressing, Locators and Paths” to lead the age-old IETF debate “Is IP Address an Identifier, Locator or Routing Object?”. Very lively discussion at the Internet Area session.

– Lark-Kwon Choi from Korea Telecom presented his I-D on the requirements for Data Broadcasting Service over IPTV at MMUSIC. Seem like they are very clear how they want to do IPTV :-)

– Henry Sinreich & Jon Peterson have an interesting discussion on L3 & Voice peering yesterday evening. Unfortunately, I was distracted by a friend so I didnt caught much of the discussion.

– France Telecom/Orange has a “IPv6 IMS over IPv4 GRPS/UMTS” demostration at the corner of the terminal room. Apparently, they got a ISATAP client running on Window Mobile and also Nokia Symbian Series 60. Hmm…

– Looks like there is a lot of support for ICE (Interactive Connectivity Establishment), a mechanism for NAT traversal using existing STUN, TURN etc. Great..hope we can get rid of all those confusing uPnP, STUN, TURN settings we have on our SIP phone soon!

– Will be meeting some Japanese who is working on some high-speed wireless (4G) backhaul later this evening. That would be interesting: Imaging high-speed Wifi Internet access on MRT :-) Actually, the Japanese already have a trial on their Shinkansen several years ago. But having it on our MRT? Ah, that’s still only a dream…

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