It’s a big world out there with many scary conspiracies that mere mortals do not know. And in many ways, they are better off not knowing: We are been constantly monitored by The Emperor who live on the moon which is really the Death Star; Vampires and Werewolf runs all the major corporations and they have a factory in Batam where they breed and farm human for blood. blood-farm.jpg
It’s Real! Vampires’ Human Farm.
img_fewgoodmen.jpg You can’t handle the truth!

But it is my civic duty to inform every bloggers in Singapore of a great conspiracy in our great blogosphere, of an evil force at work trying to undermine the unity we have forged at the community portal that Our Great Leader Chewy (aka Gum) has build for us. And all must know this before it is too late.

I see gahmen people.

They walk among us, eat at our foodcourt and live next to our house. They are everywhere! Damn, they even reproduce! Many people thinks mrbrown is our Blogging Ah Gong. What these fools do not know his mother is a teacher..for 30 years! Fools! I tell you. He is a product of the gahmen initiative by civil servants, just like!

But I don’t blame them. They are just blinded by The Matrix. “What’s the Matrix?” you asked.


Unfortunately, no one can be told what The Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself.

goblin-tinker.jpgThe Oracle has foretold of a great war between the Human and The Machine. The Machine world aka the World of Warcraft has agents here and I have seen him: tinker tailor. The clue are from his name: tinker aka enginner and tailor. So it is obvious his real identity is a goblin engineer at Venture Co. in Stranglethorn Vale. He also makes all the 16 slot megaweave bags we see in the Auction House in the Great Forge. At 25gold piece a pop, he is a very rich goblin and now, he is in the Real World, here, in Singapore, spying on us for The Machine.

But fear not, mere mortals. For I am The One who has seen the Code and I shall bring balance to the Force.

yoda-force.jpg May the Force be with You!

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Update: While trying to access the leaked secret document put up by msincognito, I got this.


Damn. They got Blogger/Google on their side too!

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