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JiuZhaiGou Day 2

We managed to wrap up and conclude CDNC meeting by the morning (incidently, it is a good meeting – I am glad I am here!). So we decided to visit the famous 扎嘎瀑布 (Zhaga Waterfall) in the afternoon.

(you can see Prof. Qian waving if you look at the photo carefully ;-)The good part of it is that it is a beautiful sight! We are all impressed with Prof. Qian who managed to climb to the top of the waterfall while the of us, half or even a third his age, tried to follow his pace. The bad part is that it is a 3 hrs bus ride to the waterfall, one way. So after travelling on the bus for 6 hours (and watching Indian movie dubbed in Chinese), Kenny said it for the rest of us “Lets go back to our CDNC meeting tomorrow please”. :-)

Dinner was a simple fare because we arranged to watch a 羌族/Tibetan performance.


I really love the show! Their cloths (and also the girls) are so pretty! I got to buy one (the cloths, not the girls) for my wife. The programme consisted of traditional singing and dancing and also featuring 高原红 (apparently pretty famous in China).

The traditional dances are what impressed me most! The man has big and powerful steps while the woman has graceful and (somewhat) seductive movement. The best way to get an idea how it is like is to watch it yourself. I have the VCD so I can rip a portion but you got to wait until I get better bandwidth. I promise, it is worth it!

Oh, I also learn the generic greeting for Tibetan: zha xi de le (吉祥如意). Very handy :-)

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