May 15th, 2005

Champion of IPv6


I got an angry email regarding my previous entry on overlay network which basically said “How can you call yourself champion of IPv6 for Singapore!?”. First, let me clarify that I am not against IPv6 – I still support IPv6 very much and hope it will succeed.

But hope don’t change reality. Just like any prudent investors will tell you “never fall in love with your stocks”, the same can be said for a technologist falling in love with his technology. And in many ways they are pretty much similar – they have their ups and downs so sometimes you buy, sometimes you sell; you make the most by holding long term but they always have a lifespan.

And most important of all, some people thinks I am the “champion of IPv6 for Singapore”, I am really “champion of IPv6 for Singapore“. And there lies all the misunderstandings.

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