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Everyone wants a piece of me

Arggh! Everyone seem to want a piece of me lately.

APRICOT coming in 2 weeks times and they have been chasing me for my Bali Trip report on the site visit. (I just finish it this weekend). (Argghh, just realized I havent even do any of my slides for my presentations at APRICOT!).

APEET is doing a VoIP Track and also conducting an ENUM/SIP live trial at APRICOT. (And some part of the trial arent even ready!).

And SINGAREN work is getting heavier with SINGAREN-GIX tender coming and TEIN2 is going to host their next meeting in Singapore in 4 weeks times.

This is on top of all the usual day-to-day work I do. Even today, the day before Chinese New Year, which is considered a slow day with many taking vacation, I just finish my third meeting for the day and waiting for the fourth one. Speaking of which, I wasn’t sure what I have done to prepare for Chinese New Year – I hope my wife figured that out.

So pardon me if I have missed out a few conference calls, or that I have been slow in responsing to my emails. I was working till 8-9pm everyday last week and also working through this weekend and I just barely catch up with what needs to be done.

I think I only have 8 more things on my list of todo including planning to go to VON and O’Reilly ETech which is happening in next month and responding to the WGIG papers who has strategically choosen their deadline for comments over the Chinese New Year.

And I just got an email from FindTheDirt that some people are exchange information about me anonymously. Huh? What the hell?

Anyway, I am just ranting! I need to get this out of my system!

ps: Oh, did I mention IDA Technology Group is organizing our next Infocomm Roadmap Symposium in 3 weeks times? Luckily I wasn’t too involved in that part of the work (only reviewing some of their work). It’s pretty cool – looking at how nanotech, biotech and infocomm is coming together in the year 2015 – with John Seely Brown giving the keynote. Come join us if you can :-)

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