November 7th, 2004

It is spam if i dont like it


The latest news going around is Microsoft is spamming. What’s the hell is going on? I mean they are suppose to be the ‘Good Guy’ in antispam?

Apparently, the whole thing started because Bob Poortinga posting to SPAM-L which then get proprogated into places like Interesting-People. Normally, such silliness will end but somehow a Washington Reporter thinks this could sells some paper and write a story about it. Well done: Guilty before proven Innocent.

Bill Gates posted his Towards a Spam-Free Culture over the same email channel last year but no one complains about it been spam at all. Strange isn’t it?

Don’t get me wrong: I think Steves’ email is bias but the fact I don’t like what he say does not make his email a spam. And I have strong believe Microsoft will come out clean here. But *sigh*, there are people willing to make a Linux crusade into an Spam problem and (not) surprisingly people falling for it.

As I argued in APCAUCE list, such incident is dangerous especially for opt-in advocates. It sets an example of how one could potentially be in a position of ‘guilty before proven innocent’ and would certainly not go down well with the law makers. We are just doing ourselves in. Thank you very much Bob.

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