ICANN Internet

Does Internet needs to be Governed?

Vint Cerf, who is normally a private person, wrote an article for CircleID as titled.

In a sense, ICANN has become the only globally visible body charged with any kind of oversight for the Internet. The scope of this oversight responsibility was deliberately and intentionally limited in the process of the creation of ICANN. But as the Internet continues to grow, as domain names become increasingly visible in the context of the World Wide Web, and as the so-called “dot.com” bubble expanded between 1998 and early 2000 and then burst, many people with concerns or complaints about problems associated with the Internet or use uses (and abuses) have turned to ICANN expecting it to address many of these issues.

This is very much what I said about ICANN in the last one year, that ICANN charter is names & numbers; that while it is part “Internet Governace” but it is not all to it; that we should not expect ICANN to solve all the other Internet problems; that ICANN is in this unfortunately position been the ‘only girl in town’, or in this case, ‘the only target to shoot’…

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