November 5th, 2004

Impact on VoIP

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A European study shows that more people are jumping onto VoIP.

Over 50 million western European consumers with a broadband Internet connection at home may use telephony software and special phones by 2008, British research group Analysys found.

“The impact on traditional telephony providers’ revenues could reach 6.4 billion euros in 2008, representing 13 percent of the residential fixed-line voice market,” said analyst Stephen Sale, adding this was a worst case scenario drawn up for operators who want to know how badly they can be hit.

This is sharp contrast to some other data I seen (particularly from AT&T) where it projects less then 5% will be on VoIP by 2008. Anyway, data are data…no one knows for sure but the impact is definately going to be real.

Incidently, IDA public consultation on IP Telephony and ENUM just closed today (30mins ago) and we recieved 13 comments (at the bottom of the page here), from the local players like Singtel to other players like AT&T and Vonage. Thanks for the feedback … Got to do some reading this weekend. :-)

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