Why ITSP asking for regulation?

Hear hear!

How come a Nethead turns into a Bellhead when placed in the “voice” environment?

This is the best statement I have heard in the last weeks (and I have heard many, being at the VON), because it explains an issue I was wondering recently:

How come that virtual VoIP Service providers (I considered them netheads up to now) start begging for regulation?

Interesting perspective but I could think of only one answer: Regulation certainity is critical before you invest millions of dollars. You don’t want to get sue after you launch your (successful) services.

Secondly, not all regulations are bad ideas. Regulation, if done properly, are meant to provide a level playing field (where there is market failure) and provide market certainity (especially in a heavily competing/confusing situation). Unfortunately, more often then not, it is not very well done but the fault is bad regulation, not regulation itself.

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