November 3rd, 2004

Votes coming in…


I find myself refreshing CNN, MSNBC and C-SPAN every min in the last hour. Arggh, not looking good so far altho friends tells me not to worry as CA 55 votes is a hands-down and FL & PA & OH haven’t call yet. But FL has been pretty disappointing so far :-(

Update: Okay FL has fallen…OH is now the deciding factor but isn’t looking good either. If OH down, it is game over with bush at 271 :P *sigh*

Update: Okay, looks like OH is down so it is Four More Yearstm for America and the rest of us. I am not exactly sure I like the last four years (terrorists, wars, oils and bad economy) so I am not looking forward to the next four with Bush at the helm.

But hey, if anything else, the last few hours teaches me to appreciate democracy. It has spoken and it has choosen Bush (however small margin). The last thing we need now is lawsuits and prolong fight over presidency like in 2000…

Update: CNN still decided to label OH “too close to call” so for now we have to wait for the provisional votes to be counted too. But not sure Kerry is able to overcome the 3% (150k votes) gap. Anyway, Jeannie is still holding on to Hopetm.

Update 04/11 12:37am: Kerry just concede to Bush. Game over … *sigh*

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