November 1st, 2004

Interesting day…

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Blogging was slow these days. Other then suffering from this intolerable cough that refuse to go away, day work has not been kind to me either. Anyway, I have two interesting meeting today.

1) Richard Stallman who is in town to give a talk on Free Software (he refuses to use the term Open Source) and also Software Patent (and he also rejects the term ‘Intellectual Property’). I thought I was pretty left-wing but I think I am wrong: If I am a 6 on the scale of 10, Richard is a 12. Won’t say I disagree with everything he said on both areas but cant say I agree with everything either.

2) An old friend, Fred Baker was also in Singapore, passing by on his way home from China. Fred is a Cisco fellow, former IETF chairman and currently chairman of Internet Society among other things. We have dinner and of cos, beers :-) It is always a pleasure to entertain old friends and sharing ideas. Oh, Fred has this interesting co-existence theory of smart and stupid network. He is going turn it into a talk of some sort so no spoliter here.

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