October 8th, 2004

Happenings at WTSA

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I totally screwed up on the IDN presentation yesterday. Jetlag hits me pretty badly so my brain is totally blanked out. I remember looking at the confused look at the audience and wanted to dig a hole right there. (I did much better on my IPv6 presentation which went very smoothly)

Anyway, as I mention, this is an extremely political meeting. I witness political maneuvers by different Member States both publicly and also privately in getting their positions through. Every words said in public, every private conversations, who has been whispering to who and even who tapped the shoulder of who have different layers of meanings and implications.

Case in point: after my presentations, a friend approached me and congulate me of the job well done. I was very embrassed until she told me that I did a good job of confusing the audience. And that, apparently, is a good conclusion.

(No, I am not going to explain why. It is a long story.)

Update: I was told I was too harsh on myself. Even though I dont remember what I said, apparently, I didnt screwed up too badly.

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