August 4th, 2004

Day 4 at IETF

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Carrier ENUM is a disaster! Basically, I screwed up big time and failed to managed the time. Or perhaps I was stumbling (I notice I do that when I dont get enough sleep). Either way, what happened is that while we still taking strawpolls of requirements, before discussing next step, half of room suddenly stand up and walk out, hurrying to get to their muffins and coffee.

Looking back, it is pretty funny and I am taking this with a smile. ;-) For one, we achieve at least half the goals, in the sense that we know there are a bunch of people really interested in Carrier ENUM, and the other half don’t. And more importantly, we got some consensus on requirements and none on others. The interesting portions are those which we have no consensus because it goes to show how differ we are in what we think it is …

ps: Oh yea, Meng Wong took pity with my powerbrick and gave me his extra Apple adaptor for US. Thanks! :-)

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