August 3rd, 2004

Day 2 at IETF

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I found out I left my power adaptor in the airport lounge in LAX and now stuck here with a risk of power shortage :P Luckily, Andrew was kind enough to visit Frys1 with me yesterday and I got a new power adaptor. The bad news is the Frys only have this ridiculous looking adaptor and it looks really dumb! :P

Anyway, I attended the Application Area meeting. Tim Bray gave an update of ATOM and what it aims to achieve and I just subscribe to the mailing list. I might just work on ATOM support in D4B but Tim asked me to hold back for a few more months as the specs is under going a major change.

The other thing thing that interest me is MARID. Marshall Rose gave an presentation on SenderID and he is pretty confident he can wrap things up in August. That’s a very good news :-)

1 I remember I bought my first digital camera from this Frys in 2000. I was here with Maynard and we were arguing who gets the last digital camera they have left :-)

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