August 4th, 2004

Day 3 at IETF

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Actually I wasn’t at IETF. Instead, I went out to visit Lindows (aka Linspire) and who is based in UTC in San Diego. I met Michael Robertson about a couple of months ago in Singapore and this is basically a courtesy call to catch up on things. Michael is not in town unfortunately, but I met up with Jeff Bonforte and Randy Linnel (sipphone & linspire respectively) and spend the whole morning with them. It is worthy to note that how 6-man company can change the world :-)

We are suppose to have an APEET dinner tonight but most members weren’t here. But we went out to dinner nevertheless, with Hotta-san, Yoneya-san, Morishita-san, Fujiwara-san, Jim Reid and Carsten Schiefner. We have Sushi and end up discussing ENUM anyway. ENUM is well, ENUM but Sushi was funny, esp when Jim yelled ‘Gozilla!’. ;-)

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