August 6th, 2004

Day 5 at IETF

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It is 2am in the morning. My jetlag finally hit me … I got knockout at 2pm and slept all the way until now. *sigh* Now I am wide awake and what should I do? :P

Let see, I could play with my new iPod ;-) I went to the Apple store today with Andrew and he convince me to buy one. (I think it is to reduce his guilt that he is buying one himself :P) I decided to go with it because iPod just come out with a new version. But I prefer the old one, which is cooler with its lit-up button and zero movable-part. And I better buy it before they ran out of stock :-)

I love how well iPod integrates with my powerbook! Just plugin and it just works. Beautiful and this is how software should be!

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