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Day 1 at IETF

I am now at Sheraton in San Diego. The last time I was here is in 2000 for IETF #49. Nothing seem to change much but it appears almost everyone who is vacating in US is here in San Diego. I almost couldn’t get a hotel at all and have to stay at the Hilton 10mins from Sheraton.

I was lucky (or maybe it is due to my Silver Honor Hilton), I was given one of the best view in the hotel, top floor facing the sea from the open window. I think I am going to enjoy having breakfast from my balcony :-)

Oh yea, finally meet Henry Sinnreich. We have dinner tonight together with Richard^2 (Shockey and Stastny) and Wilriech (sp?) from Siemen and Andrew Leung (yea, was quite surprise to see him here). We have an interesting dinner discussion on SIP and ENUM, one that changed my perspective (again) of how the industry would be developing…

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