Typekey – Another mistake

I just realized typekey is using captcha (via charles). Yep, I am equally surprised that SixApart would use captcha given how much attention (hint: zero) they pay to my scode plugin.

Well, Ben put his bets on Jay’s blacklist which I believe is a mistake. And I think he made another mistake to think Typekey will solve the comment spam. My scode (captcha) has not stop an occassional comment spammer who has to manually enter the code for every spam he post. So what makes a ‘verify-once’ and hencefore licensed-to-spam Typekey will work?

Maybe I been in the cat-and-mouse game with spammers that I have little faith in old-tricks-that-didn’t-work. I suppose people likes to learn lesson which you can learn from history on their own because ‘it is different this time!’.

You know what? As a futurist and technologist, I realize there is nothing different and there is no new technology. Old ideas recycled, old tricks in new environment. Just because you put a new name to the hype does not make it different. Spam is spam. It exists before we have Internet and will continue to exists in what to come next.

ps: If you think deeper, Typekey just a ‘identity-solution’ similar to those proposing Public-Key solutions. Identity-solution helps in identifying the spammer. It does not actually stop spamming. (It is indirect and dependent on whether spammers is willing to expose themselves)

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