Upload speed

Saw this on Straits Times paper today:

NO MENTION OF UPLOAD SPEEDS: Singapore’s Internet broadband providers are offering access speeds of 1,500 kbps and 3,000 kbps. However, one thing their advertisements fail to mention is the upload speed (data speed from user to Internet).

When I signed up for a 1,500 kbps connection last year, I thought both the download and upload speeds were the same. It was only later that I realised the upload speed was only 96-112 kbps. And worse, the connection is one-way – when I hit a maximum upload speed, my download speed is potentially 0 kbps. Is this the way to conduct business?

My friends in the United States and Canada tell me it is standard practice in both countries to mention both the download and upload speeds in ads. I hope the Consumers Association of Singapore will look into the matter.


Yoohoo, your customer is asking for more upload bandwidth, as I said in my previous entry.

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