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Drupal 4 Bloggers v0.6

Sorry for nearly two weeks of silent. Was busy catching up with day work after my Brunei trip. Anyway, tomorrow is a holiday for me so I burned some midnight oil to do some hacking and release just release Drupal 4 Bloggers v0.6.

The major change in this version is Blog APIs which means you can use your favorite blogging tool (mine are ecto and Zempt) to post your blog entries :-) And yes, the APIs have been enhanced such that it recongize extended and excerpt entries. I also fixed the bug that will allow you to change the posting time via the tool. Oh, you can even upload files and images via the Blog API now! Take a tour at my demo/dev site. :-)

Two things left before I shall make my big move to Drupal: (1) Templating (2) MT Migration scripts. For the latter, there is some work done by Morbus Iff which would really save me a lot of time. Nevertheless, I think I might still do a simplier one-click migration tool because I dont like keeping my entries in HTML as Morbus’ method will do.

There are also some activities on the Drupal-Blog mailing list which I started for the project. Thanks for all the feedback and as usual, bug reports are welcome!

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