Random Musing

All the mistakes I made…

Sometimes I marvel at all the mistakes I made in my life. You know, the silly mistakes like making a bad deal and lost the a few million dollars or opening my big mouth and offended some big shot, yada yada.

But would I be where I am if I didn’t try? I mean, “non-action” is always easier since it requires no energy at all and impose almost risk (except the risk of not doing something when you should). But as saying goes, no risks, no gain. I am who I am because I am willing to take risks. Sometimes I fail but sometimes I made it. In either way, I am a better person then if I haven’t try.

Speaking of risks, I really hate it when someone uses “calculate risks” as an excuse for not trying. Yea, right! As if there is any other kind of risks. All risks is calculated. Some may considered a sequence number reveal in a dream sufficient to take a “calculated risk” to buy Toto while others (like myself) find it silly. Others finds investing in a bear market is crazy but I considered it a calculated risk.

The question isn’t whether the risk is calculated or not but whether if it is well-informed and intelligent risk taking.

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