Nemesis by Issac Asimov

Yep, not a book on technology, business or management!

And not bought recently either…Lets see, the receipt shows I bought this on 26th July 1999 from Kepler’s Book @ 1010 El Camino Real in Menlo Park. Wow, thats a book I bought in two previous life ago.

Anyway, Issac Asimov is my fav author ever since I was a kid. I read almost all his Foundation and Robot stories and could describe his Three Laws of Robotics and its philisophy to anyone anytime.

With thousands of short stories credited to his name, I remember driving around El Camino Real, looking for those really old second bookstores and stay there for hours, hunting for his short stories and sometimes buying the whole book for the sake of one of his story. It become some sort of pasttime when I was there.

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