Random Musing


I know I haven’t been blog for more then a week…and nope, I havent disappear nor have I forgotten about this blog. I am just a little busy …

My day work involve dealing with people management, technologies, trials, planning my trips for APT-ITU IDN/ENUM Workshop in May and Supernova in June and writing papers, papers, papers. And my evening work involve taking care of my baby (my wife keep an interesting blog on the baby progress).

In between, I squeezed sometime playing with Gentoo and setting up MythTV (Damn! No XMLTV for Singapore which means more hacking to do), and setting up Asia Pacific ENUM Engineering Team (APEET), which we could no longer keep as a secret…(sorry, no info I can share yet)

Busy? Yes. Forgotten about this blog? No. :-)

Update: Kiat who has wandered into this blog has kindly email me with two source of XMLTV for Singapore: http://www.htpc-gear.com/epgdata.xml and http://www.geocities.com/chris.lupp/epg.html. If you know any others, please let me know!

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