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Japan Day 2

Meeting today was smooth, much smoother and faster then what I expected. In fact, it went so well that we finish at 3pm. I stayed on to help to draft the resolutions but otherwise, things goes well. We also conclude that there is no need to meet again.

This is our first participation in SC22-LRG and they conclude the meeting to say “Okay, we are done!”. Haha. I am suppose to have dinner with Andrew Leung, a fellow #joiito’er. The dinner ends up with 7 other folks from LRG. We have Monja and Okonomiyaki and all of us enjoyed ourselves (I hope! :-). Oh, John Hill and Scott McNeil is so funny during dinner which is so different to how they are during the meeting.

After dinner, Andrew and myself wanderered in Shinjuku and get more beer. Andrew is really a cool guy, definately much cooler then me. He also commented how “serious” I am which I take it as a polite way to say “you aren’t as cool” :-) But that is true…I never considered myself cool. Serious? yes. Intellectual? yes. Cool? No. Not because I don’t want to be cool, but because that’s the way I am. It would be even more uncool if I try to act cool. So let me be me.

Anyway, if you are in Tokyo, do drop a note to Andrew if you want to know a cool guy :-)

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