February 3rd, 2004

Japan Day 1

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I have a bit of trouble waking up this morning after a late night. I was suppose to have breakfast with Michael Clark (part of Singapore delegation) and I got more then I bargain for. I ended up having breakfast with both Michael and Scott McNeil, the Executive Director for the FreeStandards, whom I havent seen since last Nov. After breakfast, we head towards Waseda University for our meeting.

John Hill (SUN) was the rapporteur of this JTC1-SC22-LRG meeting and we spend the first half of the meeting on administrative issues. Boring (but neccessary) task of rollcalls, agenda, JTC1 procedure. During which I made some noise about admitting documents during meeting (and not before). Some folks thinks I am trying to create trouble.It does not help either when I have to opposed to one of the Japanese proposal which Singapore members finds it is vague. But what the heck, I am not here to score brownies points but to do what I am suppose to do.

On the bright side, I did help to give a good impression to other members. Since this is the first time Singapore participated in LRG, they didn’t expect we are so well-prepared (incidently, we weren’t IMHO :-).

Score one for LSB and FreeStandard tho. I haven’t heard any objections to adoption of LSB so far…But this is only day 1 so we shall see. :-)

ps: Dinner will be with Igarashi and Konishi from APAN-JP…

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