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Japan Day 3

Today is an easy meeting too. We spend some time to go through the resolution one by one to clean it up. Then we pass the resolutions fairly easily and wrap up the meeting by noon! Yeap!

Oh, I also got a pleasant surprising getting an invitation to hook by from Theodore Ts’o who is part of the US delegation. Ts’o is a well-known Linux kernel hacker and fellow IETF’er among other things. Always nice to meet cool people. Went back to the hotel, made a few phone calls to arrange my appointments and then set off to Akihabara. It is unbelievable but as I was walking towards Waseda Station, I bumped into an old friend, Hongbo Shi! You never expect to bump into someone you know 1,000 miles away from home.

Anyway, Shi is a graduate student in Waseda University under Prof. Shigeki Goto. Goto-sensei is pretty well-known in the Japan Internet scene and is generally known as the “right hand man of Prof. Jun Murai”. I have a lot of respect for Goto-sensei and I am glad to count him as a friend. (Did I mention he took time off his busy schedule and fly to Singapore to attend my wedding? I am touched…) Shi bought me to Goto Laboratory to give him a little surprise :-)

After the detour, I went for my next appointment in Roppongi Hill. Dinner is Shabu-Shabu with Adam Peak (Yes, he started blogging!), Kyoko Day and a new friend, Martyn Williams. Martyn is the Tokyo Correspondent for IDG News Services. We have our usual discussion on Internet situation in Japan, AP region and of course, ICANN and WSIS. It was fun and I really enjoy myself.

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