Researchers say EEs have a ‘terrorist mindset’?

I respect academic freedom but once in a while, a paper got through that makes you think “WTF!?”

</p> <blockquote style='margin-left: 1em; padding-left: 1em; border-left: 5px #ddd solid; '><p> <span class="content comments_count_2 withoutphoto" ><span class="text" > </p> <blockquote class="comment_body comment_body1" ><p> The sociology paper published last November, which has been making rounds over the Internet and was recently picked up by The Atlantic, uses illustrative statistics and qualitative data to conclude that there is a strong relationship between an engineering background and involvement in a variety of Islamic terrorist groups. The authors have found that graduates in subjects such as science, engineering, and medicine are strongly overrepresented among Islamist movements in the Muslim world. The authors also note that engineers, alone, are strongly over-represented among graduates who gravitate to violent groups.<a href="" > <sup>link &raquo;</sup></a></p></blockquote> <p class="comment_body comment_body2" >Okay so I am now an &#8220;Islamic Terrorist&#8221;???<a href="" > <sup>link &raquo;</sup></a></p> <p> </span></span> &#8211; from <a href=""> &#8211; Holy War! Researchers say EEs have a &#8216;terrorist mindset&#8217;</a> via <a href=""></a></p></blockquote> <p>

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