August 24th, 2007

GPRS on OSX in Singapore

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Back on the OSX, I find myself in a confusion trying to use my Mobile Phone (Nokia N80/E60) to access the Internet. There wasn’t any problem connecting my Nokia Phone via Bluetooth to the Mac and iSync works great over Bluetooth too. However, all attempts to access the Internet via my Nokia phones failed.

I googled around and found some obscure instructions, and nothing specific for Singapore. But after some trial-and-error, I managed to get it working :-)

Here is how I did it.

1. Mac OSX does not comes with all the scripts (including Nokia N80 and E60). But luckily you can download the necessary scripts for your modem from Ross Barkman. After downloading the appropriate scripts for your mobile phone, you have to copy them to Library:Modem Scripts.

2. Go to System Preference:Network and then select Show: Bluetooth*. Then click on the “Bluetooth Modem” and you can select the appropriate modem script you downloaded from Ross Barkman.


In my particular case, I using Singtel GPRS so I tried Nokia 3G CID1.

3. Click on “PPP” and here is where it gets tricky because of some GPRS voodoo settings from your mobile operator. Don’t bother to call their call center either cos unless you speak to someone who is really technically, they probably can’t help you either.

Luckily, the information can be found also on Ross Barkman’s GPRS settings page.

Operator Access Provider Network Account Password
M1 sunsurf 65 user123
Singtel internet guest guest
Starhub shwapint guest guest

For me, using Singtel Mobile, I have the settings below. Yes, you put the APN as the “Telephone Number”. :-)


4. Lastly, click on the “PPP Options…” and make sure you uncheck “Send PPP echo packets” and we are set to go.

5. Click on “Dial Now…” and then Connect :-)


* If you do not have Bluetooth as a selection, select Show: “Network Port Configurations” and make sure the “Bluetooth” option is checked.

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