June 29th, 2007

Video on Net


Taking videos and uploading them to Youtube isn’t a big deal. Kids do it all the time. Nevertheless, let me share three Video on Net stories here.

First, what got me writing this: George Yeo, Minister for Foreign Affairs, put up his speech at the World Economic Forum onto Youtube last night.

This reminded me of the New Media @ Art House event: We put up Dr. Lee Boon Yang, Minister for Communication and the Arts, speech on New Media minutes after he finish delivering it.

Lastly, I didn’t know MyPaper, a bilingual newspaper, has a vodcast until they interviewed mrbrown and myself together with Run Tien from Zaobao. Sadly, they don’t use Youtube so it is a pain trying to embed the video clip here but you can watch it here: Segment 1, Segment 2 and Segment 3. Together with the vodcast, they also did an (front page) article on the same story: Can Netizen Talk Cock on the Net?

Incidentally, MyPaper website is pretty but it is a pain to navigate: Putting up their papers in PDF format that link to more PDFs which takes forever to load; Using their own media player thats is not embeddable, in today Youtube world is unacceptable; Worst of all, all sort of Javascript and thus making their papers unlinkable and thus un-Google-able, which makes it as good as does not exist since no one can find it.

On a unrelated note, I met Jennifer last week and told her of my disappointment on how ST handled Citizen Journalism story: ST has every right to advertise and promote STOMP. Slap your logo every page, do a frontpage story about your one year old party, but don’t encroach it as a story on Citizen Journalism, and worst, ignore everyone else. She understood and said she will feedback to the team. Yesterday, I got a request from ST from another reporter to do a story on Citizen Journalism again (this time in the form of Aggregators and Groupblog). And last night, Zaobao called and seem like they going to doing a story on Citizen Journalism too.

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