Random Musing

Citizen Journalism in Singapore


Happy is when I receive a call from a reporter who wanted to do a story on Citizen Journalism a few weeks ago.

Excited is when I see a Special Edition on today Straits Times titled. “For the People, By the People“. I even bought a copy for the first time this month!

Shock is when all I see is pages and pages of self-promotion of Straits Times own online forum STOMP. How much self-promotion do you need when you have STOMP icon on almost every page of Straits Times everyday?

Sad is when I realized the opportunity for the mass to understand Citizen Journalism became a shameless self-plug. That all significant online activities that references to STOMP “competitors” was conveniently left out in the reports.

Irony is when I see the paper declared “STOMP – Singapore’s one and only Citizen Journalism”.

Realization is when I SMS mrbrown “This Special Edition just prove why we need real Citizen Journalism in Singapore.”

Would the real Citizen Journalism in Singapore please stand up?

ps: Jennifer, no disrespect to you. You have done great work for STOMP but this report is just so sad …

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