A Time for Sharing is in the news again, this time on Wall Street Journal

Now, eight years on, another Singaporean is back doing much the same
thing. James Seng has set up a service called SharedCopy, which allows
users to take a snapshot of a Web page and add and share comments and
even doodles on it. These pages can be public, or just shared with a
few friends. Mr. Seng isn’t alone: I counted at least a half-dozen
similar services, including zpeech, Trailfire, Stickis, i-Lighter and
Protonotes. All offer some variation on the idea that a Web page can
be commented on and those comments can be read by others.

Particularly, I am humbled at the quote: “SharedCopy, in my view, works the best of the bunch, but they’re all worth a shot. ”

Yes, we have a lot of competitors. We have a lot of things to do…and we arent hiring fast enough. Damn, I wish we have done the website revamp. We have the ugliest website of the bunch right now :-P

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