Predictions for 2007

I have a fun time reading various predictions for 2007, e.g. Wired, Wireless, Funny, Google and Information Week.

Some sample includes:

– Internet Traffic Doubles to 5,000 petabits per day by the end of 2007. And 80 percent of it is peer-to-peer file sharing, mostly Skype video and BitTorrent.

– Google GDrive will finally be launched

– Navigation becomes rather more important on mobiles. Mobile search doesn’t.

Some of the funny ones includes

– RFID and Web Services by Information Week [JS: hahahahahahahaha….thats so 2004]

– Nokia releases the mxx2115 cell phone incorporating an MP3 player, video games, digital camera, digital camcorder, text messaging, calendar, GPS, calculator, satellite radio, e-mail, downloadable video clips, web browser, voice recorder and digital thermometer before realizing that it neglected to include the ability to make phone calls. [Hint: Nokia 770]

I am tempted to add my own set of predictions but nay, I leave it for another day.

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