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IPv4 Address Usage

Happy New Year

As we start on a new year, lets look at the 2006 IPv4 Address Use Report

The current (jan 1st, 2007) figure for 2005 is 175.52 million addresses. Together with adjustments for earlier years, this brings the total addresses available to almost exactly 1.3 billion, down from 1468.61 million a year ago. This is out of 3706.65 million usable IPv4 addresses, so 2407.11 million addresses are currently given out to either end-users or Internet Service Providers.

Lets also put a stop the myth that “MIT has more IP addresses of whole of China”, something that is no longer true for a couple of years. Yet sadly, some still chant it, as recently as a couple of weeks ago by a NUS lecturer that I immediately put a stop to.

China is the 4th largest IP holder now after US, JP and EU.

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