August 19th, 2006

Gartner Hype Cycle 2006


Gartner just publish their latest hype cycle for 2006 and their shortlist of IT technologies to watch.


1. Web 2.0 : Social Network Analysis (SNA), Ajax, Collective intelligence, Mashup
2. Real World Web : Location-aware technologies, Location-aware applications, Sensor Mesh Networks
3. Applications Architecture : Event-driven Architecture (EDA), Model-driven Architecture, Corporate Semantic Web

Web 2.0 made it to the peak of the hype-cycle (wohoo! :-) together with the related technologies like AJAX.

But there are a couple of surprises:
– No question that (corporate) VoIP is out hype phase (and even trough) but I think it is too far out right now.
– Was surprised to see Corporate Semantic Web since the last Semantic Web project I did certainly didnt go anywhere. I think the Semantic Web in its full gory is still pretty far from corporate usage but people starting to realized that meta-tagging their resources is critical in information organization.

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