Random Musing

Website and Marketing Gibberish

I was often asked to help to look at some company. Google was obvious the starting point which would more likely than not find me the company website.

Now, it is really useful that there is an unspoken practice to have a “About Us” (or somethng similar) link on a well designed company website. It is also often accompanied with a similar link to “Management Team” and “Product & Services” which is great.

What is not so great is these “About Us” and “Product & Services” are sometimes filled with so much marketing bullshit. For example, try this:

Welcome to XXX – the Carrier that offers a broad range of wholesale products and services, namely the best solutions to accommodate your business needs coupled with unbeatable wholesale rates for A-Z destinations around the globe.

How does that tells me anything about what you do exactly? You are a wholesale cheap carrier…okay…but what kind of service do you provide? Cables? Satellite? From where to where? A-Z? Huh?

And people wonder why website dont work well. *doh*

Reading craps like this makes me want to write to the CEO and advise him to send his Marketing Director back to University for a refresher course on Communication 101.

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